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Why is music so important to me?

Why is music so important to me?

Recently I sat unceremoniously slouched idly into a chair somewhere I desperately didn’t want to be. In this dark, dark place, I put some thoughts together. The thoughts flowed, not requiring much ‘thought’, instead they sort of, just appeared. They were music related thoughts. These thoughts found themselves onto Ian’s blog. And after it went up, I felt ashamed.

Why was I ashamed?

Well I felt it was too long, a bit of a ramble, a tad self-involved, a precipitous act…and the list goes on.

Anyhow, it relates to an epiphany I had.

I can be self-obsessed. I can become attached to my thoughts, and in the process identify myself with them strongly. This then stands in the way of a great deal. For me, self-conscious becomes shy, it becomes concealed, it becomes fearful, judgmental, paranoid, wary, and a list of other words that mean the same thing! Most of all it keeps me from being free. It acts as chains, figuratively, I suppose.

I do like music. A great deal in fact.

This epiphany pushed me to realise where I can find freedom with music. It’s due to the simple fact that music takes me out of that spiral of ‘me’. I can enjoy something outside of what is going on inside. And that helps me. Through music I can find comfort in the moment and in myself. Simply from not over thinking, projecting into the future or attaching to the past, and through the wonders of sound, I feel overawed with gratitude for this life.

This will be shorter, and concentrate on just one song I have enjoyed lately. It’s a cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking Bout You’ by Matthew. E. White and Flo Morrissey, in their latest album ‘Gentlewoman, Ruby Man’. An album of covers.

I rarely, if ever, think a cover is better than the original. Yet here I do. The amalgamation of female and male voice is crafted delicately and artistic in itself. When Flo comes in at the chorus, dancing with firm class around the guitar, it reawakens that natural movement within me. It seems to have a consistent beat, yet jumps at you before you’re ready to look. It’s timed eloquently which allows it to skip through my head, no jolt or awkward attempt to connect different sections.

I love slapping my headphones on without any elegance and dancing in my room. With ‘no one’ as my audience.

I did just that with this song. Maybe it’s sad, but that doesn’t make it any less true. It got me out of me and it helped me. It helped me to realise that sometimes I shouldn’t put too much pressure on myself, or take things too seriously. Because that causes me problems. I feel it could be true for many people, but I wouldn’t want to assume.

It’s funny, because I’m pretty sure Frank Ocean’s version says “Or do you not think so far ahead?” whereas this version, I think, says “Oh no I don’t think so far ahead.” As if it’s a reply to the original. I love it!

If that is the case it hits my core, and is something I could learn from.

I am a strong believer in the power of art, music, connection, nature and the like. It’s why I choose to be here each day.

By Callum Junor

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