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⟠➳ Why you know I'm vegan ☀︎

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” -  Albert Einstein


So, have written a blog before on why I am vegan.  If you want to read that click here!  I am sure that I could update that old blog and refine some of my points a year on, but overall the reasons are still very obvious for me.  Being vegan is so much healthier for my body.  I sleep less, recover faster and feel better.  But that is where the selfishness ends.  It is a sustainable diet, which is better for the planet.  And crucially veganism aims to take animal suffering out of my life.



However, it is obviously one thing to be vegan and another to then be vocal about it.  And I try not to shy away from being vocal because I think it is important.  It is not just a diet fad or a health thing.  Although it is incredibly simple, it is a lifestyle change, which can effectively tackle numerous injustices like no other simple lifestyle change can.  So why am I vocal about it?


Firstly, the victims of not being vegan, the animals, have no voice, they don’t speak English, can’t write or communicate their desire not to die.  (Well, they do have a voice, but sadly most people don’t listen or care).  Fortunately, most people do listen to humans and so it is up to vegans to communicate this message and try and alleviate animal suffering on their behalf.  If vegans don’t, who else will?


Secondly, to help other people who are thinking of moving towards veganism.  Many people are in fact very concerned about their diet.  The majority of people I meet tell me about how they have cut down on red meat or about how they have thought about going vegetarian.  This is great.  And most vegans were not born vegan and can generally relate to people who still eat meat, are thinking about going vegetarian or are somewhere on their way to going vegan.  We are not especially intelligent or special in anyway.  Through being vocal, countless people have asked for tips and I have been able to help them move to where they want to be.



Thirdly, nobody should stay silent in the face of injustice and violence, and as a person who is very privileged with very little to seriously worry about, it feels like it is the least I should do.  I would rather not have to talk about this as frequently, but desperate times call for desperate measures!  And if I was one of these victims I would want someone to speak up for me.


Finally, it may be appear extreme to talk about it often or share videos frequently.  But in reality what is much more extreme is stabbing innocent animals in the neck for food that gives us cancer.  The amount of victims is over 3 trillion each year.


So yeah, hope that helps.  If you have any questions or want to know my favourite food let me know!



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