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Voiceless for Viva: Day 8

It has been a while since my last update, and a lot has happened! I went along to the Viva! vegan festival in Cardiff which was fantastic- the food stalls were amazing. Viva! looked after me very well there and it was great to be able to raise some more funds at the festival. Thanks to my housemate Tom I went indoor climbing which was great fun. I have also been fortunate enough to have my campaign gain some publicity. First I was interviewed by The Tab and then Huffington Post UK. The latter article was then reposted on Facebook by James Aspey himself and has received over 1,000 likes! The exposure and wide readership of both publications will allow many people to read about the message I am trying to spread. This was a huge part of my aim at the beginning of the campaign, and it’s great that it has become a reality. The other part of my aim was of course to raise money for Viva!. As I write, the total sits on around the £800 mark. Considering I’m only a week in, this is extremely encouraging. I would love to get up to £1,000 and carry on as far past as possible. Thank you all so much for generously donating!

As mentioned, many people have now been made aware of what I am doing and why; this is a good thing! Despite this, I have read some particularly distasteful comments on various social media platforms ridiculing what I am doing and veganism in general. I touched on this kind of behaviour in “Which animals are exempt from your moral code?”, and it really does baffle me. Either people do not understand what veganism is and what it stands for, or their moral compass is all over the place. I honestly cannot think of another reason that would result in rude and belittling comments being thrown at vegans/veganism.

I believe I have mentioned some of this before, but to make it crystal clear I’ll recap a few things. Almost all vegans are vegans because they are unselfishly giving consideration to:

  1. Oneself and other human beings: Plant-based diets are the healthiest. Plant-based diets can facilitate the nutritional needs of everyone on the planet. In other words, working towards reducing the 900 million hungry people. Plant-based diets give consideration and show compassion to the generation after our own because of the issues stated in point 2.
  2. The environment, global warming and water shortages: The animal agriculture industry is responsible for about 90% of deforestation in the Amazon. Livestock and their byproducts account for 32 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year. A vegan saves 33,000 gallons of water a month.
  3. Animal suffering and species extinction: We do not need to hurt in any way or kill animals for our wellbeing. Our fish consumption at its current rate will likely result in the extinction of seafood by 2048. Over 100 plant, animal and insect species are wiped out every day due to rainforest destruction.

Vegans are eating the diet that is healthiest for them, but this is where the selfishness ends. Vegans are abstaining from an industry that wastes water, needlessly kills animals and significantly contributes to global warming. These are issues we are simply passing on to our children. So when one ridicules a vegan, they are basically ridiculing the interests of their own children in a way. Seems an odd thing to do.

If you're an egalitarian, how come you eat meat?