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Ian developed his passion for photography during a year-out, after completing his undergraduate degree at The University of Birmingham.  During this year-out, Ian travelled with his brother across three continents, visiting over fifteen countries, hardly putting the camera down!  The following year, whilst living in Barcelona completing his Master's degree in Philosophy, he refined and improved his self-taught photography skills.  It was in Barcelona where Ian also developed his passion for veganism and continues to use his photography to proliferate awareness of the vegan message.  As of summer 2016, Ian has become a full time photographer, working on a plethora of different events and projects across the world.

Ian joined the @canon_photos team in late 2016 and propelled the Instagram page into a new direction.  Ian is a Co-Director at the two companies behind @canon_photos; CP Creatives and CP Collectives.  @canon_photos has always been about sharing the work of aspiring photographers and giving them a platform to inspire others to travel and chase their dream - CP Creatives and CP Collectives are natural extensions of this goal.   CP Creatives is the creative agency behind @canon_photos and CP Collectives is a community website aimed at the two million followers.

Ian has a unique photography style incorporating adventure and excitement with warm, soft tones.  Over the past 12 months, Ian has been to over 15 countries, all whilst documenting it on social media for the @canon_photos community to gather inspiration.  Moreover, Ian has shared how easy it is to be vegan anywhere in the world!

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